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POCO CRM focuses on dealing with the people who are the profit and revenue boosters of the enterprise. It enables the organization to manage their clients with great deal of efficiency. POCO CRM is architected in such a manner that it can handle almost all the information that is required to enhance your overall business operations. This makes POCO CRM more robust and potent.

POCO CRM works as a standalone CRM solution and can also easily be integrated with your ERP software.

POCO CRM supports 2 types of Sales Process:

Lead and Accounts Management
Channel Sales Management

Lead and Accounts Management:

This module registers the complete details of all the contacts and enquires that are incorporated in the system. It provides single bird's eye view of your target audience details. All the enquiries are listed and are tracked till they are transpired to actual sales. This gives gist of all the activities that has played effective role to materialize the enquiries into sales.

POCO CRM also aids in tracking the lost leads and opportunities along with tracing on the reasons for their non conversions. This enables the organization to look out for the loop holes that were responsible for lost opportunities and aid the management in planning accurate action plan for rectifying the malwares and chaos in the whole process.

Every lead that materializes into an opportunity is equated with corresponding activities. Say if a lead converts into opportunity then meeting with the prospect is arranged, brochures are sent so that prospect gets educated about the product in a whole new optimistic manner.

After streamlining all the activities with their respective opportunities, POCO CRM schedules and reschedules all these activities performed so that much time is not wasted and accurate action is taken at the appropriate time.

Subsequent to all these activities an opportunity either gets won or lost, hence affecting the sales.

Channel Sales Management:

Sales of any business enterprise are bifurcated into primary sales and secondary sales.

Primary sales means, sales by the company to its distributors and secondary sales means sales by the company to the retailers. POCO CRM has effectively incorporated Foot Route Planning (FRP) where in comprehensive action plan is effectively chalked out to cover encyclopedic details of areas to be covered by sales person in a particular week, month and in the order it has to be materialized is architected.

Channel Sales is very well handled by POCO CRM as it is equipped with a Mobile Application (Andriod.apk) and an office application. The android application gets easily installed on Mobile phones of the sales force of the organization for consolidating the real time data entry. The information entered by the sales executives get synchronized at one central point with the help of office application. This enables quick and easy review of all the activities of the sales force.

POCO CRM aids in easy generation of reports viz. Lead reports, Various sales stages reports, daily/ weekly activity report, FRP variance report, order bookings reports and much more.

Few key benefits of POCO CRM: