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knowit Hospital management System

Knowit HMS is an integrated ERP solution for Hospitals comprising of all required modules in an Hospital starting from Front Office, Clinical, Billing & Collection to Finance, HRMS and Inventory. Knowit HMS beautifully automates the entire process flow with utmost ease and highly reduced data entry work. Knowit HMS is a web based solution developed in latest MVC technology. It is available both as SaaS (Cloud) as well as On-Premise solution and covers the entire chain of healthcare delivery, right from small clinic to multi-specialty hospitals.

Front Office
Clinical Support
Billing & Collection
Supply Chain Management
Back Office Add on Module
Other Module
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Salient Features
Features Knowit HMS Other
Accessible on phone now doctor can get hospital information over phone
Totally Cloud based solutions
DIS (Doctor Information System) doctor can have accurate information Partially
No edit option for user only the owner have the rights to edit
Any type of license Not required
Multi locations with centralized database
Any machine interface (Uni Directional/ Bi Directional)
SSRS Report Feature.User can eaisly export report in pdf,excel as well as word.
Complete Integrated Financial Accounting Software Partially
Support/ services provided

The information stored in Hospital Management system is very sensitive and confidential. The system has been designed with a multi layer of security to manage these data.

Some of the safety measures are:

We concentrate on process of the hospital. Our expert team stands and streamline every process in the hospital. Our team streamline the process of TPA & PSU bills.


KnowitHMS has been developed in a State-of-art Technology in complete web based N-tier architecture as follows:-

Layer Application
User Interface All browser including Mobile
Web Services Windows Internet Information Server
Application Layer MVC with dot net framework
Data layer Sql Server