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We are the most Advanced & Powerful software product company for ERP, CRM and HMS. As of now we are inviting partners for POCO CRM. The opportunity for our solutions to automate the business's sales and operations processes are rapidly and continuously growing. This opportunity can be explored and utilized only by reaching out to customers. This needs a broad spectrum of partners with zeal and energy. We want our partners deliver and implement our Knowledge & Expertise in different market segments. They help us to grab the available potential in the market.

The MORE we have SHOULDERS the MORE we can GROW!

Rechner Infosystems is happy to announce POCO Solution Partner ecosystem to invite you to be the part of POCO family.

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Opportunities | Benefits for Becoming POCO Solution Partner :
  • Becoming a Partner will let you have tremendous Business opportunity with strong & vast network, as we train our partners in such a manner that they are not just the solution provider but can become business advisor
  • We all know computerization in all fields is growing at a very fast pace, every organization is in search of Good Software Solutions to get maximum control over their business's sales and operations processes
  • We handhold our partners and support them from start to end sales & marketing by providing valuable inputs to market the product in their areas
  • Get major portion of Profit Margin / Commission which ensure Unlimited & Recurring income
  • As a Business owner you get reverse referrals always from us
  • We have strong line of Products because our solutions preferred by almost all segments
  • Maximum Profitability with Zero Investment
  • Co-branding & Positioning with POCO brand which stand over more than 20 years
  • Flexible & Transparent WIN-WIN Partnership
  • Low-Risk & Huge Business Potential since it’s Proven & Mature industry in India
  • Effortless & Easy Products Installation & Implementation

You can choose

to Become PSP (POCO Solution Partner) with ZERO Participation Fee

POCO Referral Partner

Just Suggest references for POCO Solutions to your family, friends & existing network. After a brief screening, we can take these references on board as our customers to multiply your and ours revenue & footprint manifolds.

Who can become our Referral Partner:

  • Individual
  • Business Owners
  • Associates
  • Influencers
POCO Solution Partner

Our solutions will be very useful for your customers and prospects.

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